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You can buy Neò products on our online design shop. Inspiration comes from the transformation of rubber seals, wire, silicone and plastics, into pieces of jewellery that are like ethereal clouds, bags that look like cute hedgehogs or waves, everyday objects that are light and malleable. Neoprene is velvety, flexible, soft, and pleasant to touch and hold, as well as being very durable, lightweight and waterproof. And so an industrial rubber has become a material to be used to continue our grandmothers’ traditions: knitting, crochet, weaving by hand. Design ideas, an eye for fashion and Italian style together with the experience of our craftsmen have transformed neoprene into the ideal material to create designer handbags, fine jewellery and innovative ornaments that you can find on our online design shop. The magic lies in the harmony of contrast: highly technical materials in total contrast with traditional techniques. Each Neò creation is a unique object made entirely by hand: designer handbags, jewellery and furniture for those who have refined taste and will not settle for industrial products. High fashion for everyone easy to buy on our online design shop. Many define neoprene products as Neò sensual, anti-stress and comforting.

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