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Soft – Sexy – Irresistible
Why our rubber jewelry are loved all over the world.

Did you know that products by neó design can be found at the MOMA and Guggenheim Museum in New York. Or that friends and fans from all over Europe, Asia and America are wearing earrings, necklaces and handbags made of this super light and colorful material?

What has begun as a small design project in Rome meanwhile has turned into a success story. Let us make you part of our neo family.
Join in and discover the world of neodesign. We`re sure you`ll soon be as much addicted to our beautiful handcrafted jewellry, accessoires and home decor as we are.

How it all began – the success story of an italian design idea


Over the last few years, Italian artisans have had to face new challenges in manufacturing from highly competitive countries like China and India. The low prices offered by these countries have put the whole production of ‘Made in Italy’ under pressure.

Thus the exciting adventure of Neò is starting at a time when there is a great need to create something totally new. Something that is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. A product that captures people’s attention not for its price but for the strength of a unique all-Italian style and design.

We are more than proud to say that our talented designers have not only researched extensively but have – as to say – come up with quite an unusual approach to a wellknown material: neoprene.
Before long the first “rubber collection” set out to amaze many a fashion addicted and bring a new quality to Italian lifestyle design.

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Neoprene – soft and flexible, stylish and lightweight

It`s the special ideas that count! What makes Neòdesign products so perfect is the lightness and colourfulness of the material used.
All collections are unique and exclusively made in Neoprene – a material normaly used for wet suits in diving and water sports or in the car and plumbing industry.

Many a time we notice that new clients are surprised and wonder how neoprene can be turned into something so beautiful. And it really is!

Colourful, superlight and nice to your skin

Neoprene as a synthetic material is very resistant but at the same time sensual and soft. We combine traditional techniques like knitting, crocheting and the loom in order to transform neoprene threads into colourful designer handbags, ultra-light earrings, necklaces, bracelets and fine home decorations.

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