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Rubber accessories designed with a unique all-Italian style

rubber accessories You can find our rubber accessories at Neò Shop showroom or you can get them on our design shop online. Neò Shop showroom is located in the historic Monti district in Rome, the first of the Roman districts; it is named so because it once included the Esquiline, Viminal, Quirinal and Caelian hills. It is the oldest district in Rome in which there can still be found Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque monuments, a succession of styles which covers 2500 years of history: it is the ancient Roman Suburra, which means inhabited area under the city. This is where we decided to set up about a year ago, in Via degli Zingari. In this beautiful and historical context Rosanna and Cinthia, after the success of their products on the international market, decided to open their first store Neò (Neò shop) in Rome. Their experience, gained in various fields, provides Neò shop with the perfect balance of modern design and classic craftsmanship that has made its rubber accessories famous in the fashion industry and amongst interior designers. Over the last few years, Italian artisans have had to face new challenges in manufacturing from highly competitive countries like China and India. The low prices offered by these countries have put the whole production of ‘Made in Italy’ under pressure. The exciting adventure of Neò is starting at a time when there is a great need to create something totally new, something that is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy; a product that captures people’s attention not for its price but for the strength of a unique all-Italian style and design. To achieve this, our designers set out in search of new materials and found neoprene filaments that provided Rosanna with the inspiration for our rubber accessories first collection. damantiomemoriae2 Neo’ creator: Rosanna Contadini Neo’ designers: Isabella Nardoni Sales manager: Cinthia Fiaschi